Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wrapped up 2012. Refocus on 2013.

I stopped playing World of Warcraft in 2011 and I found myself with a lot more time available. I tried to figure out how I was going to spend that time; do I play other games? Pick up a sport? Go back to school? There were just so many options and I honestly had no idea what I was capable of.

I decided to make my 2012 resolution to be a better person. I know it seems like a broad goal and it was. What exactly is being a better person anyway? It's no secret that I wasn't the most considerate or generous person, so I wanted to address that. So instead of having a specific goal, I decided to approach every decision as "What would a 'good person' do?".

With that approach, I have accomplished a lot in 2012.
- Read three books : Game of Thrones and the first two books of The Hunger Games.
- Volunteered to feed the homeless : Dinner service for Shelter House in Fairfax.
- Participated in Ronald McDonald's 5K Walk/Run
- Joined my company's committee that was focused on company events
- Started this blog
- Lost 30 lbs
- Started home brewing
- Had more focus at work

I am very happy how 2012 went, I really learned a lot about myself and others. Looking back I realized that a "better person" was an impossible goal. Impossible because a better person is too subjective. How do I really measure "better"? Better than who?

2013 will be different. I will narrow my goal to focus on specific avenues in my life.
- Even though I have a great marriage, I will do more to make it even better.
- I will try to make work more pleasant and easier to manage.
- Read the last book of The Hunger Games (and never read another book before watching the move, haha).
- Make my home brewing hobby more efficient; to keep it as a once a week hobby.
- Continue blogging.
- Lose the 30 lbs again and work out.

If there is one thing that 2012 has shown me it is that I am fully capable of achieving these goals.