Friday, March 23, 2012

Beer... and... well... Beer...

So yesterday I was at Ashburn Wine Shop with a few buddies for a beer tasting and it was awesome. The Ashburn Wine Shop does beer tastings every Thursday hosted by the master mind of Divine Brew, Brett A. Robison. He blogs about beer among other topics, has videos, and even short comics.

Many of my friends are strict Miller Lite/Bud Light drinkers... and that has to change. That doesn't mean you need to jump into a Guinness or an IPA... what it means is that there are other beers out there that have more flavor, more alcohol, and are reasonably priced you just need to learn about them.

If you are a fan of Miller Lite and Bud Light... try a Stiegl Pils. It is light, not hoppy at all, and I think it is a great way to show people that you can actually have a great taste in a pilsner. Before you label me a snob, which I am sure you have already done... just try it.

Also... if you feel adventurous but not willing to get up from your chair... check out Brett's website: Divine Brew


You can learn a lot with a beer in your hand... and some of you actually play better after a few beers, haha.

Drink responsibly and expand your beer knowledge.

Monday, March 12, 2012

My New Years Resolution : 2012

I know it's a little late into the year to talk about my New Years resolution... but I wanted to share it in more detail.

Most people's resolution is to lose weight, quit a bad habit, pick up a new hobby, etc. My resolution is broader than that... this year I am going to try and be a "better person".

But how do I do that? How do I measure "better"? Well I started off with a few ideas. I divided these ideas into a few categories:

- Maintain my recent weight lose / exercise.
- Eat healthier.

- Work towards getting a 100% bonus for 2012.
- Resolve large issues (backups, wireless, and printers).
- Try and be more positive.
- Attend a charity event.

- Start a blog.
- Start a website.
- Try and be more positive.

So far I have been chipping away at my list at a good pace. Bobbi and I purchased bikes to ride, she's been cooking healthy food, I've been working on projects at work, Bobbi and I volunteered at a homeless shelter, we attended a company happy hour, I've started this blog along with another blog about gaming, and I have recently resurrected

I know it's hard to determine what "better" is... all I know is that I am not as "good" of a person as I can be... and I want to see how much better I can be.

When my wife and I got married I told everyone that we balanced each other when it came to charity... she taught me to give more... I taught her to give less. I see this year as a year I am trying to be more like my wonderful wife and give more. It's hard.