Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Diet : Why I started...

My wife and I have tried plenty of diets from South Beach to being Vegan with very little results due to the lack of practicality of sustaining the diet. But she never gave up... nope... she was like Indiana Jones searching for some rare artifact. So like every good husband (sidekick) I joined her on her adventures... from not eating sugars to not eating meat. I did the best I could to support my adventurous and daring wife but to be honest I could have cared less about losing weight.

That was until about three and half months ago. I was having chest pains that were getting more frequent and raised a bit of concern. I thought that with the horrible history of heart disease in my family that this was the moment when my resilience starts to fade. I went to the doctors and the quick diagnoses was that I was stressed out. The stress had upset my stomach and my stomach then created chest pains due to some kind of acid reflux stuff.

Stress... why didn't I think of that? I was stressing, about everything... work, video games, life in general. Stress plus my high cholesterol was what some of my family members call "no bueno". So something had to change... but I wasn't alone. My adventurous wife now had even more (not that she needed more) motivation to find us a suitable diet that would work.

We have tried so many diets... we even did Weight Watchers... what was left? Well the only type of diet left was one that provided the food for you. Jenny Craig and NutriSystem are two programs that provide you with food to eat every day.

When my wife contacted a rep at NutriSystem she presented me all the facts. Pretty simple... we had to buy two months of food each. Each "month" equated to 28 days worth of food. For a woman it is a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert. For a man it is a breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and a snack (a snack was just another dessert.) Men get a little more because we are suppose to have more calories a day than women.

Now since our past diets didn't work, I really didn't have high hopes that this one would work either. The way my wife convinced me was... It was a fixed cost. Providing me with 28 days of food means I don't have to worry about neither my wife or I not feeling like cooking; because as we all know... not feeling like cooking = eating out = more money = more calories = over weight. Even though I wanted to lose weight and lower my cholesterol my main motivation for starting this was financial. After all paying bills (such as our wedding) was part of my stress.

So the order was placed... the food arrived... and the diet started. I ate only their food... no exercise... and after just four weeks of eating their food and obeying their rules... I lost 11 pounds. I was hooked. Now my motivation wasn't for saving money... it was to lose as much weight as this diet would allow me. Before the second month ended my wife suggested having us purchase a third month. Hell freakin' yea, let's do this thing!! At the end of my second month I lost a total of 22 pounds and I am currently on my last month.

I started at a weight of 190 pounds and my doctor said my ideal weight is 160-155 pounds. I currently weigh 165 pounds and I still have three weeks to go.

Stay tuned to find out more about the diet and life after NutriSystem.

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