Friday, January 20, 2012

My Diet : Quick Summary :)

I realized that my previous attempts of explaining my diet might have been a little long. So this is my attempt of explaining what I am doing in a very short way.


- My starting weight : 190 lbs
- To sustain my weight I would need to eat : 2080 calories
- I started NutriSystem; which is a diet program that provides you with meals and snacks.

NutriSystem does three things : Lower your daily caloric intake, manages your portions, and increases your metabolism... all in a healthy way. This is how...


Since it takes 2080 calories a day to maintain my weight; if I were to eat less than that, I would lose weight. Keep in mind that I was eating way more than that every day (like a typical American, haha) which is why I was gaining weight. NutriSystem gives me ~900-100 calories a day to eat; which is drastically lower than my normal amount.

Manage Portions

Smaller Portions = Less Food = Less Calories
Smaller Portions = Stomach Shrinks = Easier to get full = Less Food = Less Calories

Increase Metabolism

If you ate 1000 calories in one day over three meals, you wouldn't lose as much weight compared to eating 1000 calories in one day over six meals. Reason? Your metabolism. By eating more times in a day your metabolism will work longer which will burn more calories.

Now I am not a dietician or a doctor... but here is my advice.

Schedule : Eating every 2-3 hours will help keep your metabolism going.

Breakfast (7am) = ~150 calories
Snack (9am) = 100 calories
Lunch (11:30am) = ~250 calories
Snack (2pm) = 100 calories
Dinner (5pm) = ~350 calories
Snack (7pm) = 100 Calories

Total = ~1050 calories/day

* This plan is based on a 0 exercise diet. If you want to add exercise then you will need to increase your caloric intake.
** With this diet I lost a little over two pounds a week. Which is now ~27 pounds lost :)
*** Remember that this is a diet and not a lifestyle change. The purpose of this diet is to drop weight; you will need to increase your caloric intake after you lose the weight you wanted to sustain your new weight.

Hope this helps :)


  1. I'm on a 1437 calorie a day plan. At first it was so hard but I've gotten used to it. I use an app on my phone and that helps me regulate what I eat. I also gave up drinking soda. I was boderline addicted to Coke. I haven't had one in 2 weeks. I drink water, green tea and an occasional glass of milk. I want to lose 50 pounds. It was time to get healthy. You feel it more the older you get, LOL. Why couldn't we be like those poeple with lighting speed metabolisms. Good luck with your plan!! - Christina (your cousin)

  2. i think the biggest trick to your diet may be maintaining it when you go off their food. let us know how that goes.