Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MW3 : Damage Glitchers Get 6 Day Ban

Yesterday Gamesta.com reported that players of Modern Warfare 3 who have glitched the game will receive an immediate six day ban.

What did they glitch? Apparently some people found a way to attach the shotgun-only Damage perk to non-shotgun weapons. For those of you who don't know, shotguns can unlock a perk which allows for more damage... a nice perk for shotguns because their bullet spray isn't consistent. That same perk is not suppose to be available for other weapons because that would allow for 1-2 shot automatic kills.

How did they do it?? Beats the hell out of me... sources won't reviel how it was done... and trust me, when you here the punishment you are not going to want to.

That's right, Infinity Ward is not only giving out six day bans; but they also found a way to stick the knife a little deeper to all those cheaters :)

"While a 6 day ban may not seem like a stiff enough punishment, the public embarrassment that comes from the hilarious manner in which Infinity Ward has elected to reset their stats may be. The users over at mw3forum.com have discovered that everyone caught using the glitch will be reset to level 1 and have all of their stats reset except losses and deaths. This means that if you had a W/L of 120-34 and a K/D of 2384/987 your new W/L ratio would be 0-34 and your new K/D would be 0 kills and 987 deaths. Even if the glitchers try and play legitimately after the reset they will always be saddled with hilariously low W/L and K/D ratios going forward." - The Boss, Gamsta.com

So it's Christmas once again for all us legit players. Not only do we have six days of none cheaters, but it also means our national ranking bumps up past all of them as well. Before these bans I was a little more than 6000 in the world in Domination; I can't wait to see my rank now.

To all the cheaters out there, have fun playing Hello Kitty Island Adventures.

To all my MW3 legit brothers, less predators = more prey... enjoy :)

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